How we did G.S.D. in 2021...

Things are a bit different this year, for obvious reasons.

With bars, cafes and restaurants around the city closed due to Covid-19, we’re teaming up with LIDS (Liverpool Independent Delivered Services) to offer locally-sourced ingredients or locally-prepared scouse delivered to your door.

1. G0t Scouse!

Made Yer Own!

Order yourself one of LIDS bespoke scouse hampers… with everything you need for a hearty Liverpool stew… onions, carrots, potatoes, beef, lamb, the lot!

UK wide

Heat At Home!

If cooking isn’t your bag, or if you’re just busy, you can still join in with Global Scouse Day, thanks to LIDS pre-prepared food delivery service.

Merseyside only

Orders will be delivered on Saturday 27th February.

Pay It Forwards!

You’ll also be given the opportunity to “pay it forwards” and donate bowls of scouse for those in need in these difficult days.

2. Joined The Cook-Along!

Zoom, Saturday 27th February

5pm - 6pm

Global Scousers Dave Critchley and Graham Hughes will be hosting a live scouse cook-along on Zoom next Saturday afternoon!

We believe that scouse is best prepared the day before, so we’ll be getting everything ready for the long cook. There will bants and talk about the history and culture of the most fantabulous city in the world: LIVERPOOL!

It’s free to take part, so please do!

Simply copy this link to your browser.


3. Printed And Coloured In!

Pop a poster in the window to show you're taking part in Global Scouse Day 2021!

Big thanks to local artist and illustrator Katherine Caldwell of The Nest (Albert Dock) for these!


Questions, comments, suggestions? Feel free to get in touch!