Global Scouse Day is an annual celebration of the city of Liverpool which is held every year on February 28th. It is primarily based around scouse, the meat stew that has become synonymous with the city. 

As well as special events, exhibitions and competitions, it sees bars, cafes and restaurants in Liverpool and around the world put scouse on the menu for the day, helping to raise money for local charities such as Paper CupThe Whitechapel Centre, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

What's cookin' for 2023?

Beer Here Now!

Say hello to ‘Some Kind of Happiness’, brewed by Black Lodge Brewing in collaboration with Global Scouse Day and the Liverpool Beer Collective.

‘Some Kind of Happiness’ is being billed as a ‘Scouse Stout’. It’s a five grain stout ale, with loads of roasted barley for that toasty note, plenty of oats to lend some body and luxuriant mouthfeel, a hint of unfermentable sugar sweetness to balance and some gentle hopping to add a slight dry note (as in Irish Dry Stouts) and nod towards the city’s links across the sea and its own heritage. If you’re looking for the perfect foil to wash down mouthfuls of comforting Scouse on the 28th February, then look no further; this should fit the bill perfectly. It also happens to be vegan friendly.

As part of the celebrations for Global Scouse Day, Black Lodge will be opening its doors from 5 to 9pm on the 28th February and people can join in with a bowl of scouse (plus trimmings) and a pint of this lovely bespoke brew. There are also whisperings of a limited amount of kegged stout available!

Beatles Sing-a-long At The Palmy!

At 2pm on Feb 28th there will be a special edition of Sing-a-long at the Liverpool Palm House in Sefton Park for Global Scouse Day. Admission is free.

Su Grainger will present arrangements of popular Beatles hits. If you love the fab four you will enjoy this spin on sing-a-long. Join her for a fun packed afternoon where she encourages you to merrily sing your heart out! Come together for this special edition of sing-a-long.

Shared Reading at Calderstones

Join the good folks at The Reader for a very special shared reading session at Mansion House Calderstones Park this Global Scouse Day from 1pm to 3pm. Tuck into a bowl of hearty Mansion House Scouse as you explore literature from some of the city’s greatest authors and poets.

If you’ve never tried shared reading before, then this event is the perfect way to give it a go. The friendly Reader Leader will bring along some great things to read and share. There’s no pressure to read, or even talk, you’re welcome to just come along, sit back, listen and enjoy the food!

Tickets are £10 each (including scouse) and are available here.


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