Sunday 28th February 2021

How to scouse in 2021...

Things are a bit different this year, for obvious reasons.

With bars, cafes and restaurants around the city closed due to Covid-19, we’re teaming up with LIDS (Liverpool Independent Delivered Services) to offer locally-sourced ingredients for scouse or locally-prepared hot scouse delivered to your door.

Make Yer Own!

Order yourself one of LIDS bespoke scouse hampers… with everything you need for a hearty Liverpool stew… onions, carrots, potatoes, beef, lamb, the lot! Just the ticket!

Orders will be delivered on Saturday 27th February to give you the opportunity to make your scouse “the day before”.

Gerrit Hot!

If cooking isn’t your bag, or if you’re just busy, you can still join in with Global Scouse Day, thanks to LIDS pre-prepared food delivery service.

Orders will be delivered on Sunday 28th February.

You’ll be given the opportunity to buy an additional bowl of scouse for somebody in need.

Links will be posted this weekend.