In the past, Global Scouse Day has been used to raise funds and awareness for R Charity, The Whitechapel Centre, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, and to provide free food to the city’s homeless.

This year we’re supporting The Paper Cup Project.

“We believe that everybody deserves a voice, and everybody deserves a choice.”

The Paper Cup Project is a Liverpool-based volunteer group which offers food, hot drinks and a listening ear to our homeless, as well as rehousing rough sleepers thanks to our partnership with South Liverpool Homes – a Liverpool housing association. In 2016 the joint efforts of The Paper Cup Project’s teams took 20 rough sleepers off the streets of Liverpool.

“The rough sleepers on the streets of Liverpool tell us that they sometimes feel invisible. By engaging, we hope to change that, and with support to buy supplies like hot drinks, food, clean socks and underwear, we can really make a difference to our friends on the streets.”

You can help support The Paper Cup Project by pledging a percentage of any proceeds made by selling scouse on the day, or directly via their GoFundMe page.