Besides all the 100+ venues serving scouse on February 28th, there are loads of incredible events going on in and around the city. Here’s a flavor:

Global Scouse Day @ The Palm House

We all love Sefton Park’s wonderful Palm House, and it would appear that the Palm House loves us tooooo! They’re dedicating two nights to all things scouse. Wednesday 28th February will see a screening of the classic Liverpool film “Letter to Brezhnev” and Friday 2nd March there will be a night of scouse comedy with Chris Cairns, Phil Chapman, Peter McCole and Ste Porter. Scouse pies and Liverpool Gin and craft beers will be available!! Tap on these links to find out more!

Event page:

Film night:

Global Scouse Day @ The Lady of Mann

The Lady of Mann pub is pulling out all the stops this Global Scouse Day, with a planned day of events and 5 beer taps dedicated to independent Liverpool microbreweries.

At 7pm until 8.30 Local Historian Ken Pye will be giving a talk entitled “The Joys of Scousers and Scouse”.

From 8.30 onwards there’ll be a BIG LIVERPOOL QUIZ… with scouse prizes!!

Scouse Off @ FRC (Bulky Bob’s)

FRC, the charity that is responsible for Bulky Bob’s, are putting on their own Scouse Off on February 28th! CEO Shaun Doran will be acting as their own Paul Hollywood. There’ll be other judges including some Bulky Bob drivers and they’re having 3 categories – traditional scouse, international scouse (Lancashire hot pot, Irish Stew) and vegetarian.

After the judging has taken place the remaining scouse will be for sale but will be free to FRC’s VIPs (volunteers, interns and placements). The money raised will support our campaign to provide beds for the 9,000 children in Liverpool that don’t have their own bed. You can find out more at End Furniture Poverty.

Holding a special event for Global Scouse Day? Let us know via our contact page!